There are ways to take advantage of economic adversity. In fact, it may be the best time possible to actively change your financial picture to one of stability, growth and profit. The challenge is partnering with the right group of professionals with the portfolio and expertise to get you there.

PEM has been strategically positioning its existing portfolio in anticipation of upcoming market cycle changes. PEM’s current portfolio only consists of high-quality well-located Class A assets with above market occupancy levels, attractive rent growth, adequate reserves, and conservative debt structures. This allows PEM to remain focused on leading our partners through the next season of growth.

Why PEM?

  • Disciplined: PEM does not have pressure to deploy capital. Deals are completed only when strong and stable value can be demonstrated through our disciplined approach to underwriting. We patiently utilize our proprietary network of well-established relationships to source unique opportunities.
  • Transparent: PEM only raises capital for specific transactions, so our partners always know what assets they are invested in. Our online investor portal provides monthly performance summaries, comprehensive accounting records, and even detailed bank statements.
  • No capital calls: PEM does not ask for additional capital from partners. If needed, our owners provide additional funding. This ensures our partners are not subject to some of the inherent challenges of investment funds (capital commitments drawn down over time, unpredictable timing of capital calls, uncertainty over future asset purchases, etc.).
  • Aligned: PEM maintains one of the highest levels of preferred returns in the industry, and our owners are typically the largest investor in every deal we execute.
  • Experienced: PEM has been in business over 29-years, performing through multiple downturns and generating an average IRR of 20% since inception. PEM is a vertically integrated operating company with an industry-leading property management business. We maintain full control of our assets, and we drive our own performance.
  • Tax-advantaged: PEM structures deals to maximize the potential tax benefits associated with real estate investing. We have extensive experience completing 1031 exchanges, allowing our partners the flexibility to either defer capital gains by investing in our next deal opportunity or cashing out of their investment if they choose.
  • Strategic: PEM invests for long-term success, ensuring deals can withstand times of economic uncertainty and distress. We purchase well-positioned assets with a strong tenant base in the right growth markets, and focus on long-term wealth creation.
Previous Homeowners
Previous Homeowners

What are these previous homeowners doing now — they are actively seeking apartment living. Not just any apartment, they seek quality, affordable living as close to the style of living they left behind.

The apartment rental industry in today’s market brings new opportunities to those who own or invest in multi-family living. With this shift, new opportunities are presented and allow investors to find positive returns on exciting real estate investments not previously considered.

Core Purpose
Core Purpose

PEM’s core purpose creates value not only for its residents, but also its investors. And, as an investor or a community owner, you can take advantage of this financial opportunity. Partnering with an expert group is critical to success. With experience in multiple Real Estate environments, PEM Real Estate Group will help guide you through the investment process.

As an experienced company, PEM knows how to determine a good investment, a good quality community and realizes the impact of precise timing. This formula achieves results and ensures your success. Become part of the success. Become a leader.

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